A work in progress, last updated 28 September 2007. I’ve got tons and tons of blogs I want to put here, at the rate I’m going, it will take a few years. And I just noticed all of these blogs are written by women. Hmm. It wasn’t a conscious decision, but I must admit I enjoy the female perspective. I promise I will add some guy blogs in the future!

Blogroll – China-Focused Expat Blogs:

Blogroll – Expat/TCK/Globally-Oriented Blogs:

  • Follow that Elephant – An American expat and international school teacher in Thailand, formerly of Malaysia & Germany
  • Dreaming of Hanoi – An American/Indian TCK living in Colorado, dreaming of her days in Vietnam
  • The Golden Road to Samarqand – A very intelligent American woman, her thoughts on homeschooling, Central Asia and reading. Also occasional recipes and travels in Krygystan and the Middle East.
  • Chez Sinjab – An American TCK in Ras Al Khaimah, United Arab Emirates, where she grew up and now lives. Reminds me of me.
  • Here, There and Everywhere – An American expat in Kuwait, my beloved former home. She shares recipes, observations, photos and excerpts from the totally useless local newspapers.
  • Frida’s Notebook – A Kiwi human rights worker in Afghanistan. She writes poignant and deep posts on the things she sees and the things she does to deal with the things she sees, v. moving.
  • My Marrakesh – This is where I want to live.

News Websites

Expat Websites

Global Nomad/TCKs


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