I’ve been living in China since September 2005. During my time in China, I have worked for two flight training schools.

The first year, I lived in Shijiazhuang, a large city three hours south of Beijing. I worked for Beijing Panam International Aviation Academy as an aviation English teacher.

Since November 2006, I have been living in Linyi, a small city on the northeast coast, close to Qingdao. I work for Jiutian International Flight Academy as an aviation English teacher and ground instructor.

China is a complex country that is experiencing great changes. Life for Westerners can be challenging, but life is really what you make of it. Some days you love it and some days you hate it. It is hardly ever boring!

I have enjoyed my days in China and I’ve learned so much. The DH and I will most likely be leaving China in April 2008 as we think it is time for some new opportunities!

Come back to this page later, I will add some good resources, links and advice for living in China.



2 Responses to “China”

  1. Ray Says:

    Did you go to on to Linyi after SJZ? I have been making arrangements with the Public Health College in Tai’an to teach English…,. beginning in late June 2007. Expect to stay for a year…. If you are still in ShanDong let me know. I’ve been in China four times for a total of a year…. teaching in the telecom world….

  2. global gal Says:

    Hi there,
    Yes, I am still in Linyi in Shandong Province, and I did go to Linyi after SJZ. I expect to be here for minimum another year.

    I have never been to Tai’an but it looks like it should be a nice area. It is not too far from Linyi.

    Where else have you been in China?

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