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Tai Shan Sunrise

19 December 07

Tai Shan

Tai Shan Sunrise
Mt. Tai, China Dec 2007

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Kao Di Gua

12 December 07


Baked sweet potato vendor
Linyi, China

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She’s Got Legs

5 December 07


Fancy a dumpster dive?
Linyi, China

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Bang Bang

28 November 07


Guns in China? Relax, they’re BB guns.

There is a healthy underground of people in China who get together and play war games with BB guns – pistols, rifles and shotguns. Why underground? The legality of BB guns is in question, at least to my understanding. The BBs are actually hard plastic pellets, but they can inflict pain and break skin. It’s kind of like paintball battles, but more grown up.

*I’ve been posting photos every Wednesday, part of my Wordless Wednesday project. Unfortunately, I seem incapable of posting a photo without commentary. Something to work on…

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Coffee Please!

21 November 07


Vietnamese Mokka Coffee – strong and delicious

Go Fish

14 November 07


Phan Thiet, Vietnam 2007