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Koh Chang Island – True R&R

8 February 06

I’ve always heard that Thailand is a paradise, and I will most definitely agree with that. In fact, running away to live there is a big temptation! Now, let me classify that statement by saying that all I saw of Thailand is the fabulous island of Koh Chang and a bit of Bangkok. Still, what I saw I looooooovvvvveeddd!!

Koh Chang is a small island and is also a national park so there isn’t any major development. There are lots of small hotels, restaurants, shops and bars along the beaches, but nothing in the interior. We stayed at a less-developed place called Paradise Cottage on Lonely Beach and I have to say, if you ever find yourself on Koh Chang, it is the place to stay. For $10 a night (high season) you will get a hut with a double bed, mosquito net and a shower and bathroom under the palm trees, steps away from the water. They also have a fabulous restaurant/lounging area perfect for lazing.

Paradise Cottage:

Lounging in style:

And two fabulous views:

Our time on Koh Chang consisted of lazy hours spent lounging on cushions, hammocks and beaches, swilling fruit juice, admiring the ocean views, interrupted by occasional interludes of frenzied activity – an afternoon spent kayaking around the islands, (Can you imagine? Last year I couldn’t even tread water in the shallow end of a pool and now I am kayaking on a little plastic boat in the middle of the Gulf of Thailand!), scuba diving for the DH and snorkeling for me, (the fish were amazing, the water an incredible turquoise-green.), and exploring the island on a moped, (scary only because there are a lot of mountains!). The sloth within me was never so happy. The only hazard of that kind of life is falling coconuts…

And the crazy part? I even managed to get a tan! (Relatively speaking) Me – practically the whitest chic in the world!

Unfortunately we ran out of time and we didn’t get to see too much of Bangkok or the Northern part of Thailand. We had hoped to visit Chiang Mai, but we will have to save that for another trip.


Now From Thailand

30 January 06

Finally I have made time in my hectic beach schedule for a little bit of blogging! I am on the island of Koh Chang and it is so amazing!! Really, I do not want to leave!!

We survived Cambodia and arrived here the day before yesterday. I have some tales to tell you about our river boat trip, though. Remember how Gilligan set off on the Minnow for a 3 hour cruise? Well, ours was supposed to be 4 to 6 hours. Almost 11 hours later we arrived at our destination. More details will be coming soon. I’m hungry now and need to go find some delicious Thai grub….

Just wanted to let you all know I am in Thailand now and doing great.