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What is This?

6 December 07

A simple trip to the hospital. A grand total of 4 hours. A few thoughts to share. Or so I thought. I started to write my little post and 5 single-spaced Word document pages later, I realized I was not writing a post, I was writing a thesis.

It appears I have a lot to say about health care in China, but who wants to read 5+ pages?! I’ve got some editing and rewriting to do! Most of my posts here are written off the cuff. I write, I post. This subject, however, has obviously stirred something in me. Let’s see if I can write a concise and cogent post that will appeal to more than just grad students in health policy class!

In the meantime, does anyone know what this device is?


To me it looks like a motorcycle helmet with a tube coming out the back. Inside the “helmet” there is a small silver disc.


A Chinese friend read the characters on the side of the machine and told me they said something about “death” but she was unsure of the actual meaning of the characters all together. Anyone? I’m dying of curiosity!

More on health, coming soon.