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Flickr Photo Sets

2 March 07

I now have all of our recent vacation photos, good and bad, uploaded to Flickr.

To see photos of Lhasa & Tibet click here.

To see photos of the train ride from Chengdu to Lhasa click here.

To see photos of Chengdu click here. (This set does not include photos of Sim’s Guesthouse, which I will be uploading later.)

Remember – I am not very skilled with a camera! Also, many of the photos have titles and descriptions, but others do not. I hope to update them all with descriptions, but I was a bit lazy. (Especially the Chengdu photos.)

Enjoy! Have a great weekend!


Happy Chinese New Year!

18 February 07

Chengdu 18 February – The Year of the Pig!

The last few days in Chengdu have been rather lazy, but that is what vacation is supposed to be about, right?

We arrived via airplane on Friday morning. Our friend and co-worker, I., a local Sichuanese, picked us up from the airport and took us to a hot pot place (we got the not-so-spicy broth – take a look, what do you think, hot or not?)

Hot or Not

and to an old street that has been done up for tourists. We visited a memorial park and tomb of a famous guy. (Sorry, I’m short on details!)

Jinli Street

We’ve been staying at a sweet little guesthouse called Sim’s Cozy Guesthouse. It is a great place with warm and friendly people and I give it a very high recommendation. Part of the rooms are located in a 100 year old building that was once the home of a German Administrator. The owner, Sim, is from Singapore and his wife is from Japan. With their two small children, (and local Chinese staff), they run and live in the guesthouse and try as hard as possible to make travellers feel at home. One afternoon we spent hours working on some proofreading that we needed to complete for work, and Sim stopped by several times to make sure we were comfortable.

Ivan working
The DH “working”

The guesthouse has a mix of dorm rooms, twin and double rooms with ensuite bathrooms and even a few family rooms. The price is very economical and there are lots of places to relax. They have a travel agency for tours, train, bus & air tickets, bike rental, laundry, internet (it was free when I was there) and a welcoming atmosphere. There was a mix of European, American and Asian backpackers on our visit. It is located only steps away from the Wenshou Monastery complex which includes several streets that have been done up in an old style. Because we were there during the Spring Festival, the streets were full of food vendors. Street Food!!

Wenshu Street
Wenshu Gate

If you visit Chengdu, Sim’s is the ONLY place to stay.

This evening we are boarding the train for Lhasa. I will be incognito until we arrive, hopefully (you never know if there will be delays) on Tuesday evening.

Unfortunately, our trip has been cut a bit short as the DH must get back to Linyi for important meetings. We will only spend 4 full days in Lhasa. So, for our first trip to Tibet we will only see Lhasa and perhaps a few monasteries close by. We will have to save Everest Base Camp for another trip.

Something that is frustrating about working for a Chinese company is that we only get the Chinese holidays for vacation. Not such a big deal if you are travelling outside of China, but travelling within the country over the Spring Festival is rife with difficulty. Crowded trains, higher prices, crowds, etc. We had a bit of bad luck getting air tickets out of Lhasa to Shanghai. Because we couldn’t plan ahead far enough, we are paying at least 4 times what we could have paid had we known our travel dates weeks ago. Oh well, such is life.

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