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To My Canadian Friends

18 September 07

Hi Canadian friends! I miss you all! (American friends, I miss you too, but this post doesn’t apply to you since you can’t go to Cuba.)

Anyone planning a trip to Cuba? Would you like to legally deliver humanitarian aid to doctors and medical clinics?

Doctors and clinics in Cuba suffer from serious medicine and medical supply shortages, due in large part to the US economic embargo. However, according to Cuban and Canadian law, Canadians visiting Cuba may bring with them up to 10 kilos of humanitarian aid. The organization Not Just Tourists helps Canadian travelers wanting to help. Read their website and this article on MSN for details.


How Was Your Weekend?

18 September 07

It’s a Tuesday morning. I’m at work, sipping coffee, trying to ignore the shockingly loud siren that is sounding all across the airport. No one seems to know why there is a loud siren, and I don’t see any sign of fire, so perhaps they are just testing it. The truth is, we will probably never know because it is not the Chinese way to ask about things that are not necessarily their business.

This weekend we spent an afternoon trying to fly a kite. Not just any kite, as you can see in the picture, but a huge kite meant for pulling people on skis, snowboard or a skateboard. When the DH is not flying airplanes, this is how he likes to spend his time.


The DH launching the kite into the air.
(sometimes you have to do that if there is very little wind.)


Flying the kite in a field at Linyi Normal University


The DH teaching friend D. how to fly the kite

There was not enough wind to properly fly the kite, so we will have to try again another day.

Back in Canada, the DH used to wake up early on Winter Saturday mornings, have coffee at the local coffee shop, and then drive up to a small frozen bay on Lake Simcoe. There he would meet up with a bunch of crazy Canadians to go kite-skiing – letting the kite pull you along the ice on skis or a snowboard.


Sometimes the whole lake was covered with kites

Ivan at sunset.JPG

Solitude – The DH kite-skiing alone just before sunset

On top of the lake.JPG

The ice was so thick you could just drive right onto the lake

Crazy, but fun. The DH wants to go to Vietnam to try this on the water – kite-surfing. (Interesting factoid – most of the people kite-skiing/boarding in Canada were in the age range of 30-60.)