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Who is Global Gal?

  • Global Gal (Heather) is a small-town girl gone global. She is a gypsy at heart. After years in Goliad, Texas, (and New Mexico, Colorado and other places…) she set out to experience the world. GG is married to her DH (Ivan), who is from Spain, one of GG’s favorite places. GG and DH have been married for 6 years and enjoy travelling. They have a strong sense of adventure and wanderlust. So far, in their time together, they have lived in 5 countries.

Where is Global Gal?

  • GG is currently living in Linyi, a small city on the Notheast coast of China.

What does Global Gal do?

  • GG works as an Aviation English instructor for Jiutian International Flight Academy. In a former life she was an ESL teacher and a registered nurse, specializing in cardiology. DH is a flight instructor and professional pilot. In all his former lives he has been a pilot.

What does Global Gal want to do?

  • Travel the world, write books, learn languages, read magazines, watch movies and work on her Mac laptop. She is currently enrolled in an online Master of Library Science program through Texas Woman’s University.

Where has Global Gal been?

  • GG just returned from a relaxing two week holiday in Asturias, Spain. She has been living in China since September 2005. During her time in China she also visited Vietnam, Tibet, Malaysia, Cambodia & Thailand. She has lived in the US (New Mexico, Colorado, Texas), Kuwait, Costa Rica (San Jose), Spain (Avilés), Canada (Toronto) & China (Shijiazhuang & Linyi). GG believes that we are living in an ever-changing, ever-shrinking world and the only way to understand people is to see the way they live. She wishes she had been around in the days of Marco Polo, Gertrude Bell, Freya Stark and great explorers like Magellen, Cook, and Lewis & Clark – People who really did see things no one else had seen.

What does the future hold for Global Gal?

  • GG is continuing her Master’s program and planning her next trip to Thailand, over the 2008 Chinese New Year holiday (Early February). She will be moving somewhere new very soon!

Why the expat life?

  • Global Gal’s first expat experience was attending high school in Kuwait, shortly after the first Gulf War. Living in Q8 had a profound influence on her life and she vowed to return to the expat life as soon as she was able.
  • Global Gal is a TCK. Third Culture Kids (TCKs) is a term for kids who have lived outside of the culture of their passport country. Usually this happens because of the parents’ work. For example, military kids, missionary kids, business people’s kids, and international school teacher’s kids. They are also called Global Nomads, or even Citizens of the World. Of course, when they are older they become Adult TCKs. TCKs, Global Nomads, Citizens of the World and expats all have Global Souls – they are part of the new multiculturalism that is a by-product of globalization.
  • Pico Iyer is a writer who muses much on the phenomena of Global Souls. I read an interview with Pico, who writes about living as a British born, California raised child of Indian parents, now living in Japan. He said many global souls are “living on the fringes of societies, perhaps even in their own.” So true. Many times I feel like I am living on the fringes of Chinese society, peeking in and observing. I hope I can share with you a little bit about life on the fringe!

Who the heck is DH? What’s with the initials?

  • DH = Dear Hubby (Ivan). At one point GG (Heather) decided to use initials to refer to friends, family and Ivan, to maintain anonymity. She uses DH almost all the time, but may or may not refer to friends & family by name or by an initial.

How can I contact Global Gal?

  • email her: imaglobalgal at gmail dot com

And a disclaimer:

  • I have lived in China for two years. I barely speak the language. I do have Chinese friends, but for the most part I exist in an expat’s world. I am no expert on China. In a country this complex, it is impossible to be an expert. Anything you read on this blog is simply me trying to figure it out for myself.

This blog is most definitely a work in progress, as is life.


9 Responses to “About”

  1. Marty Says:

    Love the site! I was doing a Google image search for a fruit tree here in southwest France – found your image of a fig branch that matches perfectly. I and my husband are from Illinois – he’s here enrolled in a private artist school for the summer, and I’m on sabbatical from a physical therapy job. Read some of your previous posts, and am impressed with the travel you and your husband have been enjoying. I think the fig branch image was from Spain, but could not find the link back to a specific date. Thanks for your help with botany. Safe travels wherever the next trip takes you.

  2. Nag Says:


    My name is Nag , a television producer working from Singapore, i just happen to see your blog , . I’m currently working on an 8-part television series called Global expats for a local television channel. It aims to examine and track the lives and livelihood of expatriates who choose to work, live and play in Asia. I would like to feature you in our series. We would like you to share your Expat experience what kind of a cultural shock you had? How did you cope? What are the things you like about the new place? How is different is life away from home etc. what’s the culture shock you had first moved in? What efforts you take to adapt to the culture? (For example learning language, music, art etc? how you socialize with local people etc.

    If you are interested pls. drop me line @ cm_nag@yahoo.com

    We will take it from there.


  3. Frida Says:

    I often tell people that I’m a fourth generation missionary – I just dropped the religious elements. My great-grandparents, grand-parents and parents were all missionaries at some point (my parents while I was a wee-un) and I do think that my human rights work is a kind of secular, 21st century, post-modern version of the same drive. I think we are the lucky ones – we got pulled out of our comfort zones while we were still young enough to adapt and learn to live without fear of change or the “other”. It makes so many things seem possible now. Thanks for the yoga tip – I’ve tried downloading them overnight but they seem to overload out system. I get to go on leave every two months so I usually buy new DVDs then.

  4. Preya Says:

    Hiya fellow TCK! It warms my heart to find people like you. I’m looking forward to reading more of your blog:)

  5. waltzingaustralia Says:

    I’m not an expat at present, but I have lived overseas, and I share your passion for travel. I’ve hit six continents so far, but I don’t know if I’ll ever make it to Antarctica– there is too much to see on the inhabited continents. Hope your wandering continues to be happy and enriching.

  6. Brent Tychy Says:

    Hi Heather,

    My name is Brent Tychy. I enjoyed your blog it is an excellent one. I am typing off of a flemish keyboard because I am currently in Europe and am looking for an aviation English position, hence that is why I am sending the email so don’t mind the mistakes. Do you know of any positions or where I can locate a position. I have excellent qualifications. BA degree, Advanced TESOL, Teaching Experience, Aviation ground handling Experience, rater training, privqte pilot licence, commercial training and over 200 hours. Thanks for networking with me.

    Kind Regards,

    Brent Tychy

  7. globalanni Says:

    Hey Global Gal!
    Love your site! Thanks for checking out mine too! I am a TCK for the middle east too. My sister graduated from the American Sschool of Kuwait and my brothers and I from the Bahrain School. Looking forward to reading your blog. I will put a link to mine so I remember to check it out!

  8. Maaz Says:

    I wonder if the Global Nomad thing is true. I too had grown up as a TCK in Kuwait. After graduating to adult TCK status, I needed to go and travel around the world, which I did in 2002, but there is so much to see.

    I need to read up more on the Global Souls thing…

    Enjoy your travels.

  9. Soloman Says:

    Wow, finally something to read about Linyi! will hopefully be joining your school in a month. Thank heavens Linyi has McDee’s and pizza hut…hmmm… wanned to add graduated from BSK lived in Salwa…Say hi to Mr.Ivan for me…. should know me mention Solomon from Crystal River, Fl……

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