I’m Moving..

blog addresses, that is.

The new blog URL is http://global-gal.com or http://www.global-gal.com if you’re fond of w’s.

The blog is the same – go have a gander! Switching to my own domain means I no longer need to use TOR to access my blog or update posts. It also means fellow friends in China can access the blog without using proxies.

I will no longer update this site, or the mindsay blog, but I will keep them as they are, at least as long as they remain free blog hosts! (Unless anyone has any issues accessing my new URL – let me know!)

I’m currently in the process of changing image links to reflect my new photo home – SmugMug. You can see all of my photo galleries at http://globalgal.smugmug.com. I’ve noticed that occasionally, there are issues with photos not showing up in my posts.** Usually, this is a temporary matter. As far as I know, SmugMug is not blocked within China, as Flickr photos sometimes are.  (**Update: actually, it’s my fault! I disabled the external link function for that gallery – oops! The SmugMug team is so fantastic, they alerted me to the problem without me even having to ask!)

My new home is powered by the fabulous web host Laughing Squid. Like SmugMug, Laughing Squid is run by real people, not a corporation. Sure, I could have signed up for a zillion GB of web space for $2 on some big web host company, but I prefer to patronize small businesses with heart. Laughing Squid provides excellent technical support and their servers are high quality. And they’re artists!

Come over to the new blog! I am in desperate need of little red dots on the Clustrmap!


2 Responses to “I’m Moving..”

  1. sheaf Says:

    As a real person who works for SmugMug, I would just like to thank you for choosing us!

    I love your photos by the way. http://globalgal.smugmug.com/gallery/4018956#233891801 The ribbons make it look like the building is on fire.

  2. global gal Says:

    I never noticed that the ribbons give that effect until you mentioned it! Thanks for the help with the photo links, I will pay more attention to the gallery customization from now on. I really couldn’t be happier with your service!

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