Europe’s Worst Airport?

Having recently run the travel gauntlet and sworn like a sailor over security, I’m pleased to discover I had the good fortune to transit through some of the best airports in Europe – Madrid’s Barajas airport and Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport.

I’ve always known that Schiphol is an amazing place. I’ve been flying through there for 15 years! Barajas, on the other hand, seemed poorly designed to me. Anyway, Barajas is nothing like London’s Heathrow, which wins top prize as Europe’s worst airport. Heathrow should be avoided at any cost. Read the NY Times article and the comments to get the full picture.

Happy Traveling!


One Response to “Europe’s Worst Airport?”

  1. Flowers On A Friday Says:

    Heathrow is a shocker but so is Gatwick.

    Dirty, crowded and expensive. They should give out loan applications in their cafes as it costs an arm and two legs just for a sandwich.

    I actually found it easier to get around Beijing’s airport than my own country’s main airport. That can’t be right, can it!

    Interesting article. Thanks.

    P.S. Don’t get me started on the ridiculous security measures at British airports which are supposed to protect Britain…..even though they apply to outgoing flights.

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