I Should Be Happy

But I’m not. I’m on vacation. I’m in a beautiful country. I’m surrounded by family. I’m not happy. I love traveling, I just hate the actual traveling part. I’ve passed through 7 airports in the last few days. I’ve spent hours on airplanes and hours in airports, and I’m not happy. I’m angry. I’m pissed off that those of us who choose to support airline companies and airport economies by flying the so-called friendly skies must endure ridiculous security measures made to make the human race “feel” more secure, when they do nothing but cause grief, anger and delays. And oh yea, by the way, they don’t actually do anything to make us more secure.

I’ve been going over and over in my head exactly how to write these feelings and thoughts. Imagine my surprise when I open the New York Times website today and find an editorial that exactly expresses my frustration. Patrick Smith writes an aviation column for Salon.com and it is always right on. His NYT editorial should be required reading. We’ve got to do something about this airport situation, it is beyond reasonable! If I hear one more person say something along the lines of, “We have to endure it, because it is for our security!” I’m gonna scream! Wrong!!

An excerpt:

Six years after the terrorist attacks of 2001, airport security remains a theater of the absurd. The changes put in place following the September 11th catastrophe have been drastic, and largely of two kinds: those practical and effective, and those irrational, wasteful and pointless.

Indeed, the security measures I have endured over the last few days, (remove your coat! remove your belt! remove your shoes! remove your laptop! keep moving! bla bla bla), were definitely of the irrational, wasteful and pointless variety. I would, as one airport security agent suggested, avoid flying, but it is kind of impossible in my situation. Is there any sanity left in the world?


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  1. Marty Says:

    Global Gal
    Good luck in your travels! Your wandering shoes are back on, and you two are off to another adventure. I’m guessing Europe?
    Sorry to hear the skies were not friendly, although I believe the craziest airport rules reside right here in the states. Flying around Europe was a breeze next to traveling in USA – I just feel sorry for those visiting here for the first time; eager to experience “freedom” USA advertises, only to struggle, argue, plead and beg at each line at each airport, where most airline workers do not speak any language other than “American”, and are quickly frustrated with those who do not speak “their” language. How quickly would lines move if, instead of printed signs in English only; posters demonstrating all items needing to be removed while in line, and all tickets, passports, and ID’s required for quick transit were displayed frequently prior to the beginning of the line? Enough! I’m done complaining.
    Good luck in traveling in 2008.
    Marty in Illinois, USA

  2. Tyler Says:

    Glad to read you two are on to the next stage of thing.
    I now happily drive everywhere paying whatever I have to in fuel (for my big, redneck, gangsta truck) just to avoid taking my shoes off. I have a terrible foot odor.
    Happy New Years!

  3. global gal Says:

    Hi Marty! The security situation in Europe has become almost as nightmarish as in the US. The worst of it was in Barajas Airport in Madrid. It is just very frustrating to deal with rude security agents, long lines and senseless security norms after 18 hours of travel. We’ll be returning to China for 3 months and then on to somewhere new! Hope you are well!

    Tyler – Hahaha Yes, somehow you in a big gangsta redneck truck seems right! Happy New Year! Is this the year you return to the third world!?

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