13,000 Steps Later

It was a crazy idea…but I enjoyed it. I’m in bed now, eating ibuprofens and feeling sorry for myself. I’m sure I’ll be able to walk again at some point later this weekend.

Even my mouse finger is sore, so pics will come soon.


We made it!
Sunrise at the top of Mount Tai


4 Responses to “13,000 Steps Later”

  1. Derrick Says:

    congrats on the climb. mt tai was my first climb up a chinese mountain and now i’m a veteran of 5 of them: hua, tai, emei, huang, wutai and the 4200m mount kinabalu in malaysian borneo. it’s such a blast to climb to the top, forget about all the pain and sweat that it took to get up there. look forward to hearing/seeing more of your next mountain treks!

  2. Third Eye Says:


    Wow what a crazy adventure, you did it 2,226 Years to be exact after the First Emperor Qin proclaimed the Unification of China at Mt. Tai. Only Polar bears from North of the USA border will be able to do this 13,000 stpes ritual in the Winter. šŸ™‚
    Must conquer that Tai Shan mountain myself after the Summer Olympics. Been up the fantastic Mt. HuangShan by Cable Car though! šŸ˜¦

    Here is a female expat Blog who is a humorous, adventurous and prolific writer like you, based in China which may be of interest to you:
    “Outside IN
    Random Thoughts on Living Well Where I Don’t Belong”

    And for one of the Greatest compassionate Down to Earth Expat Female Photographer in China, and with interesting short stories attached, check this out:

    “Maggie’s World’s photos”

    Keep writing and stay on the constructive positive side and you will love and enjoy your stay in China, plus a lot of China Watchers around the world are reading.

    Third Eye

  3. global gal Says:

    Wow Derrick 5 mountains!? Did you climb all the way up and down Mt. Tai? It was hard work but worth it. The views were beautiful and there was very little fog/pollution. I have been researching Mt. Kinabalu. It is definitely on our list! We went to Malaysia last year but didn’t have time to visit Borneo. So much world to see!

    Third eye, thanks for those links. I enjoyed them and hadn’t seen them before. I did feel a bit like a polar bear at times on the climb, too bad I don’t have a natural fur coat.
    I hope you keep reading!

  4. Derrick Says:

    Yes, 5 mountains in my 4.5 years in China. To be honest, the easiest was Mt Tai, my first one. The toughest would have been Emei in Sichuan province. I always climb to the top and if possible either take the bus or cable car down. no point walking down and punishing your knees..isn’t it a great feeling to be at the top of a mountain knowing you climbed up by yourself? the chinese tour group members get off their bus, take a photo, yawn and then head back for the bus 15 mins later. suckers:)

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