Happy Turkey Day!

Today I am thankful that I have finally finished my two term papers. I know that is not what I am supposed to say thanks for, but really, that is all that has been on my mind for the last two weeks. The semester is not over yet, but I feel like I can finally breathe.

On that note, I am also setting an early New Year’s resolution: I shall never procrastinate a school paper again. I swear.

Now that the papers are done, I will have more time for blogging!

Happy Thanksgiving Americans! (Canadians – I am SO sorry. I forgot your thanksgiving this year. I guess I am back to being a typical American again…)

**Update at 1500** I just realized that it is not Thanksgiving Day yet. I’m a day early. In my defense, I started work this week on a Sunday instead of Monday, so to me it really does feel like a Thursday. I’m not a bad American, I promise. So come back tomorrow and read this post!

2 Responses to “Happy Turkey Day!”

  1. Al Sinjab Says:

    Happy Thanksgiving! 🙂

    Did you get any turkey?

  2. Heather Says:

    Hey! Hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving! No, I did not get any turkey. I don’t how to cook one, I don’t even have an oven, and I’m pretty sure I’ve never seen a turkey in China. I did, however, eat a baked sweet potato that I bought from a street vendor. Delicious and less-filling!

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