What Could I Possibly Title This Post?

So the DH was in Beijing last weekend, and he ate out at Hooter’s with a few friends. I don’t condone Hooter’s. I think it is a bit tacky and it isn’t exactly my idea of an upper-class family restaurant either, but in Beijing apparently that is what it is. The DH reports that in addition to the expected Hooter’s girls (though I don’t see how they can keep those costumes going over the cold Beijing winter) there were also kids celebrating birthdays and couples obviously on dates.

Back where I come from, Hooter’s is a novelty. It’s basically a sports bar for men and people who like chicken wings. Isn’t it? Come to think of it, I’m pretty sure I’ve only ever been in one before and that was because of the roof-top patio.

For some reason, talking about Hooter’s, I am reminded of the most politically-incorrect restaurant ever seen in a conservative Arab country – Chi Chi’s, a Mexican restaurant that was hugely popular in the Kuwait of my youth. As I recall, it was pretty much the only Western style restaurant, other than Sizzler’s and fast food. And no, I didn’t speak Spanish at the time.

So is this the kind of face that America is spreading around the world? Hooter’s and Chi Chi’s?


4 Responses to “What Could I Possibly Title This Post?”

  1. kunzilla Says:

    Don’t be surprised. Domino’s Pizza is a deliever pizza franchise in the US, but in China, it’s soft of a high class “restaurant.” and you use knives and forks to eat a pizza, even a slice of pizza.

  2. kunzilla Says:

    correction, not Dominos, they don’t have that in mainland China yet, it’s Pizza Hut. all over the place like a high class joint.

  3. Tyler Says:

    I’m sure you remember how many KFC and Mackers there were in the Shiz…shocking-but oh so tasty!
    But really, it is sad that that’s the image we export but come to think of it I can seem to put my finger on really any culture that people can look at (without shaking their heads that is) and say, Thats so American.

  4. Heather Says:

    Kunzilla – Pizza Hut just opened last week in Linyi. There have been long lines out the door since then.

    Tyler – I have never eaten as much McD’s as I have in China. There is just something about that greasy American goodness when you are tired of greasy Chinese goodness.

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