Internet Issues

Is this happening to anyone else out in the China expat blogosphere? Or maybe someone more technically aware can enlighten me on what might be causing my Internet issues?

For the last week or so, our Internet connection at work has been really weird. Here’s what happens. You open the browser, (Firefox), you enter your web URL, you click enter or go or whatever, and you wait. Within a few seconds, the “Cannot Find Server” screen appears. You hit refresh or try again and a second later, “Cannot Find Server.” You realize that there has been no thinking or searching, just an immediate stonewall and “Cannot Find Server.” Finally, after hitting refresh anywhere between 5 and 30 times, the browser will load the page.

Different browser, same problem. Different computer, same problem. Different cables, same problem. Different router, same problem. Turn on Tor program, nonsense stops.

So I have to assume this is a local Internet service provider issue. Are they automatically blocking every URL request? It is terribly annoying. The Internet at home works normally, and I’m pretty sure we have different providers between work and home.

Anyone else have this problem?


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