How About a Vacation?

Just imagine it is a Sunday morning. You are drinking coffee, reading and preparing to spend the next four days in relative isolation, writing grad school papers. The phone rings. It is your husband.

“Hey Heather, what are you doing?” he asks. You notice he seems strangely upbeat. He is at work on a Sunday, after all, he’s supposed to be bummed.

“Just studying. What’s up?” you reply.

“Don’t stress or anything, okay?” he says. Don’t stress? He knows you’re stressing at the mere mention of the word “don’t…”


“You wanna go to Vietnam?”

“Yeah. We talked about it and I do want to go. Why?”

“We’re leaving this evening.”


“We have two weeks of vacation. I just found out.”

“AAAAAAAaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrgggggggggghhhhhhhhhh……! visas! packing! where to go! guidebook! short notice!!…papers to write! aaarrrggghhh”

24 hours later you are on a plane from Shanghai to Ho Chi Minh City. Two backpacks packed. Rush visas in hand (just barely!). Tickets bought over the phone. A flight into Shanghai during a typhoon survived. Papers written on airplanes, in taxis and on trains.

At 4AM you find yourselves in the Ho Chi Minh City airport. You thought you were unprepared for the trip to Cambodia last year, but now you realize you had everything planned to the last detail. Upon arrival to HCMC (hereafter Saigon, as most people refer to it anyway), you realize you have no guidebook, no phrasebook, no names of any hotels, no map of the city, nothing. All you know is you want to go to Mui Ne beach and there might be a train there.

At 12PM you are having lunch overlooking the ocean.

You have to admit that it was really easy. Maybe there is no need to plan ahead? Maybe you should just throw the guidebooks out the window?


One Response to “How About a Vacation?”

  1. superkimbo Says:

    Wow! What a whirlwind of a day! I always freak out before a vacation making all sorts of plans – none of which are helpful when we show up in-country. Who needs guidebooks anyway? I’m just impressed that you were able to get those visas in one day – when we went to Vietnam it took at least a week to get that visa. Have a fantastic trip!

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