At Work Again

How quickly two weeks pass!

I’m back at work today, although my brain is still in Vietnam.

I have another paper due tomorrow, so I won’t be back until all that pesky homework is done.

As for the free wi-fi on vacation, it was indeed great, but I felt more drawn to the beach and the under-palm-tree-lounger than I did to updating the blog!


3 Responses to “At Work Again”

  1. kunzilla Says:

    ah, the pesky work that we all have to deal with.

    quick question, did you have to use a proxy to access wordpress when you were in china?

  2. global gal Says:

    Yes, I do have to use a proxy server. I use TOR, which you can read about at global voices advocacy website (see link on sidebar). There is also another guide to using proxies available from this blog

    The thing about website blocking and Internet censorship in China is that it is not always consistent from day to day or from region to region. For example, I’ve heard of people accessing blogspot in Shanghai when it is not available in Shandong. Wikipedia is another site that is sometimes available, sometimes not. Over the past year, WordPress has been unblocked two or three times, and then will mysteriously become unavailable again. I’ve stopped worrying about it and just use the TOR for any visits to wordpress, blogspot or wikipedia.

  3. kunzilla Says:

    Thank you very much. No wonder my friends in China can’t view my wordpress page unless using proxy. I have my own list of proxy servers but I rarely use them because I pretty much can access all the sites here. Come to think of it, if a user in China can use a proxy to bypass the censorship or whatever, that means the damn thing (censership) is useless basically. Why even bother?! Maybe another 50 years? Hopefully less? Oh well.

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