The China You Didn’t See

There are many sides to China. It is a complicated place.

To view a glimpse of the “Unseen China” – the laid off workers, the land-less farmers, the have nots, visit The Shanghaiist and watch the 30 minute documentary by Jiang Xueqin, Liu Yuan & Brian Keeley. It is a powerful and sad indictment of the so-called economic miracle. The truth is this angry and marginalized segment of society cannot stay quiet much longer.


3 Responses to “The China You Didn’t See”

  1. Falen Says:

    China is a very poor country. Wow news to me…

  2. Eric Says:

    This is a small corner of the iceberg. But what we can do about it? going back to the militory revolution again like 50 years ago? having the civil war killing each other or letting Janpanese to kill us…….

    We are not living in a Utopian land…. as Karl Marx was trying to tell us…..
    One thing about China, which i believe is good for all Chinese people now, is you have to work hard, work better, work smart, so you can be different. If you admit you are different with others, then admit someone will be better than you and you are bettern than someone else.

    Poor thing for the workers who are losing jobs or going to city to work, that hurts people’s feeling. But if you look at the reality, who is getting the job?…… the people who has better education, who is more smart, who is more creative.

    In the MAO’s time, the problem was eveybody was like machine and should not be using the brains, you know what, that created no problem.

    Being rich or poor is just like the sun rise and sun down…… if you want to change it, then go to one palace–called ” Communisam” .

  3. global gal Says:

    Hi Eric, Thanks for your comments. One thing that I would definitely not want to see is a revolution. As I said, China is a complicated country. I don’t know what the answer is. It is not easy with the history and population size here.

    This blog’s audience is mostly made up of my friends and family back in the US, and I would like for them to see many different things about China. Yes, there is development, growth and promise, but there is also this other side that I would like for them to know something about.

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