Another blogger in China – a famous one who has tons of readers – has started a group writing project on the love/hate dichotomy that is China. Since I am trying to be a better blogger and live up to my credo of community involvement, I’m going to join in the project. This topic is not new to me anyway, I write about my love/hate relationship with China on a regular basis.

It’s a daily ritual for me to wake up and assess my feelings toward China. Today – love China. This afternoon for the 2 minutes I had to be in the company bathroom – hate China. The hotpot dinner I will be sharing with DH and friends later – love China. The staring I will endure all during dinner and the rest of my life in China – hate China. The cool air through my hair as I sit on the rooftop of local bar – love China. The crazy traffic I will barely survive on my way home – hate China. All the people in the square dancing and banging drums – love China. The guy driving the BMW, narrowly missing the old farmer – hate China. The men sitting outside their house on the sidewalk swapping stories or playing cards – love China. The ditch full of foul, black water and trash in front of my apartment – hate China. The man who sells me fresh, hot sweet potatoes on the street – love China. The fruit woman who always overcharges and then refuses to bargain – hate China. The little neighborhood girls who shyly tell me hello and then run screaming when I say hello back – love China. The veil of smoke that descends over the city in winter – hate China. When I wear a skirt and get complemented on my pale, white skin – love China. Discrimination because of a peasant’s darker skin – hate China. The sound of airplanes flying overhead and the excitement on our students’ faces – love China. The “harmony fees” related to doing business – hate China.

Good friends, great food, and a life less ordinary – love China and the expat life!


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  1. globetrotteri Says:

    I lived in China for three years and I miss it terribly. China will always have a place in my heart. I had to laugh when I read your post today. Usually I think of all the things that make me miss China the most. Your post brought back memories of several tough days where I wished I was anywhere else but China!

  2. global gal Says:

    Hi! Thanks for dropping by my blog. I really enjoyed looking through yours! You have so many great pics and I love reading about your travels in SE Asia. I am in desperate need of a holiday in Vietnam or Laos or somewhere other than here. Don’t get me wrong, I love it here (although those little annoyances are starting to build), but I think it is time for a little break.

    We all have our good and bad days! Fortunately, I have more good than bad!

  3. [GWP] China: Love It ~ Hate It wrap-up | Lost Laowai China Blog Says:

    […] for being the only blogger to take part that isn’t a writer here at Lost Laowai, wrote a rapid fire post further illustrating that there’s a lot to love and a lot to hate about living in […]

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