Nerd News

Excuse me, I’m about to have a huge nerd moment.

Have you ever felt like spending your free time doing some independent university study? Really!? Me too!

The wait is over! Check out MIT’s open courseware. MIT is offering courses for free. Of course, you have to do all the work, but they offer the syllabus, lecture notes, handouts, and some have video of lectures and readings. I’m working through the Chinese I course and looking at the Medical Anthropology course.


2 Responses to “Nerd News”

  1. Amira Says:

    Thanks! This is a great link. I needed it right now.

  2. Yo Says:

    I hope I’m not spamming your blog. Well, I saw your post on chinalyst and I decided to blog it:

    I think it’s a great resources for self study. Some classes have great lecture notes, while some don’t. For me I would use it along with buying a decent book.

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