Fine Feathered Friends

If I didn’t love animals so much, this weekend I would have killed these two:


They’ve been waking everyone up early in the morning with their rooster calls. I’m hoping they will be temporary neighbors. Everyone seems to be getting ready for the October 1st National Day celebrations, and I assume these guys will be someone’s dinner. They are located under a tree that is under our apartment.

Here is a photo of our apartment building, with our apartment circled in yellow. (I’m not very skilled with the Photoshop yet…)


And here is the view down to the courtyard where the roosters are under the middle tree.


I suppose it could be worse – they could be inside our neighbor’s house or balcony.

**Update** These guys disappeared the day after – Mid-Autumn Festival Day. I guess they weren’t for National Day celebrations after all. Thank god, because there was no way I could endure any more mornings with these things. And to think I grew up in the country…


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