“Fly to the Sky!”

Another gorgeous day today – not a cloud in the sky. The DH and F. (another flight instructor) have been flying non-stop all afternoon. Yesterday, they flew 8 hours straight. Almost all of the students are now on their third or fourth flights and I must admit it makes me feel great to see their smiling faces. I spoke with a few students yesterday and they told me all about their flights, their fears, their excitement. They have been waiting over a year for this to happen. If the weather and Chinese military (who control the airspace) continue to cooperate, some of the students might be soloing by the end of next week. And to think when I first met them, most had never set foot in an airplane and didn’t even know how an engine works.

“Fly to the Sky” is a Chinglish phrase sometimes used by the students. As in, “When will we fly to the sky?”


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