Operation Babylift

Do you remember where you were in 1975? I wasn’t even born yet! But if you were, do you remember the evacuation fights airlifting children and babies out of war torn Vietnam?

I’ve got two plugs:

Operation Babylift – a film by Tammy Nguyen Lee that tells the story of the operation and what became of the babies – the adopted children brought to America. The trailer alone had me in tears.

And a book, After Sorrow Comes Joy, that tells the story from the perspective of the author – a young nurse and mother who went to Vietnam to assist in the orphanages and was intimately involved in the babylift operation, who herself adopted 3 children and went on to work in adoption in India and Vietnam.

For those who lived through that era, or who want to know what it was like.

Hat tip to Preya at Dreaming of Hanoi!


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