China’s Boomtowns

The June issue of National Geographic features a story on one booming industrial town on China’s Southeast coast. Be sure to read the field notes and look at the photos – it is all so true and familiar to me.

I especially like the part where the two bosses of the featured company decide to move their factory and don’t actually inform anyone until just before the actual move. That sort of last minute information sharing happens all the time!

The article is an interesting look into the boomtowns, the people who come from far and wide to populate them, and the efforts that are made to rise up the economic ladder.

The countryside around Linyi, where we live, is full of small factories. The top goods are plywood, garlic & small tools. (If I remember correctly.) We have a friend who is here supervising quality in oak furniture factories and we’ve met business people in diverse fields such as textiles, small engines, drywall and diamond mining.

Whether or not you think Chinese goods are safe, there is no doubt that the world keeps asking for more.


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