In With the New

China is experiencing a construction boom. Everywhere you look, in every city, there is massive construction. New apartments, office buildings, malls, train stations, etc. – you name it, they are building it.

Back in July, I posted a photo of the demolished neighborhood close to my apartment building. Now that all the enterprising locals have finished picking through the site for valuables, and the debris has been cleared away, 15 construction cranes have appeared. As I predicted, progress is coming to He Dong, the east side of the river. Soon our river view will be obstructed by new and modern apartment towers. It is happening all across Eastern China.



2 Responses to “In With the New”

  1. Preya Says:

    Hanoi is undergoing something very similar, especially in the outskirts of the city. It’s changing so fast and is so very different from the Vietnam I first saw in 1988!

  2. global gal Says:

    The world is changing! Have you seen pictures of cities like Dubai in the UAE or Doha, Qatar? The amount of cranes and construction is just unbelievable. Shanghai and Beijing are like that as well.

    When I first moved to Kuwait, in 1992, the city was just recovering from the Iraqi occupation and there was damage everywhere. They say now that you would never know there had been any war there at all. For entertainment back then, we had fast food restaurants and one small mall. Now, they say there are many huge malls, rivaling anything back in the States. I’m afraid I wouldn’t recognize it all. That makes me sad!

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