We Are Official!

This past weekend, the flight school I work for, Jiutian International Flight Academy (JTFA), received certification from the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC – China’s FAA). This means that we are officially a flight school and we can begin training. It also means that our airplanes can finally fly.

JTFA Certification Day 4
The hangar where the celebration took place.

JTFA Certification Day 3
The official granting of the certificate. (Our director, Capt. Fang on the left)

JTFA Certification Day 2
The certificate – CCAR 141

JTFA Certification Day 1
Our first class of students, DH, another flight instructor, F. from Germany, and me

*The JTFA website, link above, is still under construction. I am the unofficial content manager, so any content problems can be blamed on me! The design is not mine.*


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