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So Some of You Want to Know Where I’ve Been…

3 July 07

I’m here. Nothing has happened to me. I’m still in China. I’m still a blogger.

I’ve been incognito recently, sorry for that. I’ll try to post a lame-o “Sorry I’ve not been posting” post next time I take a break so no one worries. It is nice to know people actually read this thing.

I am now several weeks into my Master of Library Science program. I am taking two online classes this summer, and one of the reasons I have been neglecting the blog is I needed to devote more time, at least initially, to the classes.

So… truthfully, not much has been happening here. It has been raining – a lot. Humidity levels are through the roof, too, so it is pretty miserable most days. We did get an air conditioner installed in both our office and our room in the apartment, so we do get a respite.

I’ve been teaching a general English class to our students. Not aviation related at all, just plain old speaking and listening stuff. I don’t really have a clue what I’m doing, but it seems to be working out okay.

You will be hearing more from me this week, and on a more regular basis.