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  • Richard Preston’s The Demon in the FreezerAmazon Link
    • Smallpox and anthrax, as interpreted by the author who brought us the Ebola blood-fest that was The Hot Zone. If you are a fan of infectious disease reading (and who isn’t?) this is a great choice. Preston knows how to turn CDC and USAMRID research scientists into Indiana Jones. I’ve been interested in infectious disease literature (as I like to call it) since I borrowed my sister’s copy of The Coming Plague by Laurie Garrett ten years ago.
  • Loads and loads of literature on the Digital Divide.
    • I’m writing a paper on the topic for one of my Master’s classes. What is the Digital Divide? I’ll put it this way – more Americans than ever have high-speed access to the Internet. People pay bills online, contact government officials, email friends and family, read the newspaper. Now, think about the people who can’t afford a computer or the Internet connection fees. This group is being marginalized. The Digital Divide is the chasm between those who have access – and a supportive social network relating to the use of these technologies – and those who do not. Internationally, the Digital Divide is more complicated, but just as important.


  • Memphis Belle and Flyboys with my aviation English students. These are great movies with exciting aerial maneuvers, dogfight scenes, themes of love, friendship, bravery, honor, loyalty and brotherhood.
  • Battlestar Galactica with the DH.

Listening to:

  • The sound of rain, every night for what seems like weeks.
    • Aren’t we too far north to be experiencing monsoons? Much of China has been experiencing heavy rains and flooding lately.
    • I love the word “monsoon.” It comes from Portuguese – monção and from Arabic – mawsim, which means “season.” It brings to mind words and images like tropical, steam, hot, rain…flooding, devastation, disease, death. It is a cycle and for the Indian subcontinent and Southeast Asia, a way of life.

3 Responses to “What I’m…”

  1. Tyler Says:

    BSG! I just recently finished a marathon of watching (and rewatching) the entire series! Love it, can’t wait for the next season!

  2. Jon Says:

    Your lists of words and thoughts evoked by “Monsoon” started out well enough but ended surprisingly, IMO. In India the Monsoons are essential to farmers and a bad Monsoon is one in which is doesn’t rain enough.

  3. global gal Says:

    Thanks for the info Jon, I have to admit I based my comments on the China Monsoon. Although welcome for the rain, they usually lead to intense flooding – one reason the Three Gorges Dam was built, to control the yearly flooding. (Especially when combined with the inevitable typhoons.) Every year, thousands are killed, crops are ruined and houses destroyed. It is a duality.

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