Other Expat Tales

I love reading blogs, especially expat blogs. I like to read blogs with thoughtful, smart commentary on political doings and over-arching themes, but honestly, the ones I like best are observational blogs – those that give insights into the daily life of the blogger. What I want to know is, what is it really like where you are?

Recently I had to take a break from blog reading. It is really time consuming, and I needed to concentrate on my studies. But, I got suckered into blog browsing after I joined expat-blog, a forum for… expat bloggers.  China Grunge is one that I am very interested in. The posts were originally written in diaries between 1993 and 1994, when the blogger was living and working in China. He has transcribed them onto the net and they make for great comparisons with life now.

The blog actually gave me a good idea. I’d like to share some of my stories from previous travels and expat postings, long before I ever knew what blogging was. I don’t have access to the hundreds of photos I’ve taken  – they are all in boxes at my Parent’s house, so I guess words will just have to do. And I’ll be more true to my tag line, “Global Gal in China and Other Expat Tales.” So in the future, you might see some memories from Kuwait, Costa Rica, Spain, or Canada (my former homes) and many more places my travels have taken me.


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