China, China, China…

I just don’t know what to think of you! I like you a lot, most of the time. You make me laugh. You make me ponder. You make me curious. You make me question many things about myself and others. You also make me question you and your people. Sometimes I can’t stand you. You infuriate me. You frustrate me. You sicken me a little, too. (I hope not literally!) I read a lot about you, because I want to understand you, despite my gut feeling that I never will.

Two things have been on my mind lately:

When I asked my students, “What is the one thing you would do to make the world a better place?” They all responded that they would do something to improve the environment. Everyone in China recognizes the extreme degradation of the rivers, lakes, air and land here. Will there be any changes made before it is too late? The government has been fudging numbers on the affects of the mass pollution. The younger generations are starting to notice and they are ready for some action. China Dialogue looks like a good place to start, so no more rivers have to look like this.

China has also been on the world news radars recently due to the tainted and poisonous goods they have been exporting everywhere. I’m just as concerned about it as you, especially since a high percentage of the goods still in China are probably highly contaminated, too. Yumm. But I have one thought – do you shop at Walmart? Are you always looking for the lowest price? If everyone keeps demanding lower and lower prices, quality is going to get lower and lower, too. Yes, many businesses in China are corrupt. Yes, many people here will do whatever it takes to get more money. I suggest you be wise in your purchases and keep that in mind. However, don’t forget that it is not just China exporting questionable stuff – according to the New York Times, India, Mexico and Dominican Republic have a pretty nasty record, too. China needs a “progressive era.” In the meantime, buy local! Think about your purchases!

China has come pretty damn far in a short amount of time. They have a long way to go. I am not ready to give up on this place, even though I love it one day and hate it the next.


2 Responses to “China, China, China…”

  1. kunzilla Says:

    I still think it’s the “political network” that’s causing the problems. Each gov’t official is protecting the others. So if you want to take ONE down, you are gonna have to drag the net out and expose them under the sun. Laws and regulations have too many holes in them for the wrong doers to exploit. China still needs another 50 years, at least, to modifiy itself into the global standards.

  2. global gal Says:

    I absolutely agree with you. I have seen some unbelievable corruption here. I am, after all, living in the city of Linyi, home to Chen Guangcheng – a rights activist who was tortured, denied basic human rights and put in prison where he will probably die. Why? Because he questioned local officials and stood up for women who were tired of being forcibly sterilized and their babies aborted. Now I just wonder, is the network mostly just local and provincial, or does it reach to the very top?

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