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The State of Aviation in China

13 June 07

Couldn’t have said it better myself:

From The Economist:

Open skies are needed if China wants its aviation industry to thrive

“WE NEED policy reform,” declared one speaker after another at a conference in Beijing last month. They were not talking about property rights, environmental policy or pensions, but about airspace. China has a booming civil-aviation industry but is lagging behind in the field of “general aviation”—in other words, allowing things other than commercial airliners and military aircraft into the skies. General aviation covers crop dusters, corporate jets, single-engine training aircraft and cargo aircraft, among other things. Although civil aviation accounts for the bulk of air passengers worldwide, general aviation accounts for most of the flights.

Visit the Economist site and read more. The article is highly accurate and relevant!


Friends – Uniting the World?

13 June 07

Today I overheard one of my students humming a familiar tune. While I tried to place it, he  started singing a few of the words:

“Smelly cat, sm-e-lly cat. What are they feeding you?”

That’s right – Phoebe Buffay’s greatest hit sung by a 23 year old Chinese student pilot.

Thank god we’ve been able to share something other than McDonalds with the world!