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Am I a Wheniwuzzer?

7 June 07

“WhenIWuzzer…” A very annoying type person who has traveled extensively and lived all across the globe. In conversation, this person will frequently wax poetic and long about places they’ve been. They are all too often excited to share experiences they’ve had “when I was in Kathmandu…” or “Well, when I was in Madagascar…” Their neighbors, friends and co-workers all eye roll and yawn as if on cue when a wheniwuzzer starts to reminisce.

Eee-gad. Do I do that? It really is my worst fear – that I’ll be that annoying someday.

Seriously, though, this is a really big problem for expats. When so many of our day-to-day, normal life activities take place in random and foreign places, most of our stories will somehow relate to the fact, that we were in Thailand or we were in Panama or we were in Zambia. Really!

Of course, the very best is to get two expats together – that is when the love-fest that is sharing expatriate experiences can really take place. Two expats, especially two TCKs, will gladly trade wheniwuzzer tales. There is no greater joy than finding someone who will willingly and happily listen to your stories. And if they have actually been to that little back alley food stall in Kuala Lumpur – pure gold!

So, I should say thanks to everyone who reads this blog and listens to my stories. Lemme know if I ever get too wheniwuzzer…


Home Fires

7 June 07

The New York Times has introduced a new blog, Home Fires, on its website. The blog is written by several returned Iraq war veterans. Returning home from a war zone is a welcome relief for the soldiers and their families, but in many ways it is never as easy as just walking off the plane and going home. It will never be the way it was before. Too much has changed. Or maybe, as one soldier recounts, everything is the way it was before  and fitting back into life is relatively easy. The truth is, there is no road map. Read the blog to find out first hand how some of our troops are dealing with the adjustment. Also, interesting comments section.

Update on the Global Voices website – must have just been a hiccup, access is back to normal.