Global Voices Silenced in China?

You’ve heard me talk about Global Voices before. It is one of my favorite sources for stories and blogs from across the world. Basically, it is a website that aggregates blog posts from different areas, translates many into English and points out the most interesting stories from a given area. I’ve learned all kinds of things from their email newsletters. Like today, I wanted to read about planned Tienanmen Massacre observances in Hong Kong, and some of the top blog posts out of Kuwait. Instead, I got the “can’t find this page” screen. Odd. I usually don’t have problems accessing GV. Hmmm. Kept trying, but no luck. Is it just me or has Global Voices been banned in China? They do offer up a lot of links to blogs and content that may be anti-party line.

If it is true, I’ve got my trusty proxy to get around the great firewall, but it is a shame nonetheless.


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