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Global Voices Silenced in China?

5 June 07

You’ve heard me talk about Global Voices before. It is one of my favorite sources for stories and blogs from across the world. Basically, it is a website that aggregates blog posts from different areas, translates many into English and points out the most interesting stories from a given area. I’ve learned all kinds of things from their email newsletters. Like today, I wanted to read about planned Tienanmen Massacre observances in Hong Kong, and some of the top blog posts out of Kuwait. Instead, I got the “can’t find this page” screen. Odd. I usually don’t have problems accessing GV. Hmmm. Kept trying, but no luck. Is it just me or has Global Voices been banned in China? They do offer up a lot of links to blogs and content that may be anti-party line.

If it is true, I’ve got my trusty proxy to get around the great firewall, but it is a shame nonetheless.