Living Like a Local

So you just ran into a fellow foreigner in China? 10RMB says the first question out of their mouth will be some variation on: “What are you doing in China?”

Most foreigners come here to teach English, others come to study Chinese, many are businessmen in town for a few days to inspect factories and supervise work. It is a rare delight to find a foreigner doing something different here. “You don’t teach English!?” We often get the surprised face when we tell people we teach Chinese students to fly.

Today I read a blog, Ben’s Blog, written by an American after a different experience in China. He decided to work in a Chinese barbershop for a month, earning the local wage and doing all the work of an entry-level apprentice. It does make for some interesting reading. How’d you like to wash hair and sweep the floors for 600RMB per month? ($78)

I found this blog on China Daily, the website of China’s English language newspaper. The reporter praised the blog because it offered something different from the usual “run-of-the-mill expat blog bleating about how great that all-you-can-eat teppanyaki place was last Friday night.”  Which is, you know, basically what my blog is all about. Hey, what’s wrong with run-of-the-mill?


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  1. Jon Says:

    As long as you keep writing your run-of-the-mill expat blog, I’ll keep reading it.

  2. global gal Says:


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