The Penthouse

Recently I was joking with a friend about the fact that I live in an 8 bedroom penthouse apartment. Maybe it is hard for you to imagine, but trust me, it is not the lap of luxury. Our apartment is very big and very spacious, but it is not plush. I’ve uploaded some pics so you can see what the place looks like. We are located away from the city center, across the river. Rent is something like $100 per month.

Downstairs Hall

Upon entering, this is the first thing you see. It is the hall that leads to 3 bedrooms.
Our bedroom is on the left and has its own bathroom.


To the right is a dining area and the kitchen. This kitchen is not the most useful. The cabinets are too short for most of the people who live here, and the DH has hit his head on the exhaust fan more than once!

Downstairs Living Area 2

To the left is the downstairs living area. The couch and chairs are better suited for an office, as they are extremely uncomfortable! We’ve got the computer connected to the TV and this is where we usually watch DVDs, documentaries and movies in the evening. One of our flatmates installed a surround sound speaker system, and with the huge space, it feels like a cinema.

Laundry Area

Beyond the living area is the laundry room and a place for hanging clothes to dry.

Downstairs Living Area

Another view of the downstairs living area.

Upstairs Living Area

The upstairs living area. This area is a bit smaller than the downstairs and it is usually flooded with light. However, being the attic of the building, it is also quite warm. Good in the winter, terrible in the summer.

Upstairs Hall

The upstairs hall leading to four more bedrooms and a bathroom. The eighth bedroom is directly behind.


The balcony. We bought a barbecue pit and had a party here a few weekends ago. In the evenings, this is the best place in the house. The last week has been really hot and it is great to sit up here and admire the stars. I hope to get some lounge chairs and plants up here soon.

Rooftop View

The view from the balcony out to the river.

All of these photos were taken in February, shortly after we moved in. Now we have some trees and plants to liven things up a bit. It is definitely more lived-in now. All together we are 5 people living in the apartment.

Although not plush and full of furniture and tschokes, it is home and I am happy with it. I am not sure what kind of Chinese family would live here. Perhaps it is meant to be for an extended family. A couple, a child and two sets of grandparents and maybe an aunt or two could easily live here.


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  1. T Says:

    Thats place looks pretty nice to me. I think I’ll come stay on the couch for a couple of months…

  2. global gal Says:

    Hey T! Come on over! Forget the couch, though, we’ve got eight bedrooms! You can have one.

  3. super k Says:

    yeah dude you guys are *really* slumming it. that kitchen? psssh…its only bigger than some APARTMENTS in new york! haha.

    i like the whole minimal look, although i can’t tell if that’s a function of you being post-modern or just, uh, lazy? 🙂

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