The Invasion of the Manti

Those villagers in Southern China aren’t the only ones who have had to endure weird invasions lately. A few months ago, the DH and I invested in some plants for our apartment, in order to make the vastness seem more homey. Among our picks was a nice rubber plant. I put it in our bedroom window since I was told these plants like lots of light. We lovingly cleaned the leaves and watered it regularly and it really thrived. Then one day I noticed there was a strange looking growth-like bump on the trunk. I couldn’t recall its presence there before, but I figured it was just a knot from where a branch had been cut off. A few days later, while watering, I noticed that the growth seemed to be gaping open. Strange. Out of the corner of my eye I saw movement. Lo and behold, the rubber tree growth was actually a nest of praying manti. Suddenly, everywhere I looked, there were tiny little manti. On the window, on the curtain, dangling from the bars covering the window, on the other houseplants. Far from terrified, I welcomed their surprise visit. I think I read somewhere they are supposed to eat other bugs and mosquitoes.

Praying Manti Invasion

Praying Manti Invasion 2

Now, over a month later, my window seat is littered with the sad little carcasses of dead praying manti. I guess living conditions weren’t to their liking. A few did survive, however, and they continue to cling to our rubber tree leaves.


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