The Toads are Coming! The Toads are Coming!

Imagine the horror…

The China Meteorological Administration is reporting on their website that a small village in Southwest China is fighting a “relentless battle” against an army of toads. The toads, spurned on by the heavy rainfall and desire to conquer the tormented village, began their invasion a few weeks ago. Although the villages feared for their lives, they would not back down against the unceasing waves of toads. Some villagers waged battle with dustpans and farm implements. Others used the age-old, but little known, hand clapping technique. Toads fear hand clapping as much as the villagers fear the toads.

Scientists were quick to point out the toad invasion is related to the climate. Little comfort to the besieged villagers, I’m afraid.

Visit the CMA news site and see how the world’s latest environmental disaster unfolds…

(And please pay special attention to the ghastly images of the invading hordes.)


2 Responses to “The Toads are Coming! The Toads are Coming!”

  1. intlxpatr Says:

    I remember a rainy steamy night and a toad invasion on a back road in Germany. The frogs must have liked the heat of the pavement or something, I don’t know. I hated having to run over them, but they were EVERYWHERE. It was late at night and I was alone and it felt like one of those very cheesy horror movies!

  2. Global Gal Says:

    Eeeek! I would have died! I can’t stand crunching an insect, let alone running over toads! My post was, of course, satirical but I think I would have actually freaked out along with the villagers.

    On a side note, I found it so funny that meanwhile you were reading and commenting on a few posts on my blog, I was reading through your blog and wanting to comment on everything! I love your blog! You have so many great insights and interesting things to say! Very well written and a great mix of stuff. Makes me miss Q8 a lot, though. I laugh a lot because when I was there, we couldn’t do anything but go to the Sultan Center and a little tiny mall that was next door. The only place to shop was esprit, BHS and the Body Shop. There were so few clothing stores and malls. Restaurants there were a plenty, although everyone seemed to go to ChiChis, and I bet that isn’t even there anymore. The time I was there was special – just after the occupation & liberation when there was so much damage still evident and just before the internet hit. It was innocent and at times so boring! But I loved it. Anywhoo, will be reading more of your blog!

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