The Hills Are Alive…

Peach Blossoms Up Close

With Pink!

It’s peach blossom time in China and the countryside around Linyi is covered in pink flowers. A few weekends ago, we took a day trip with our friends D. & L. and their family to have a closer look at the blossoms.

We went to a small village that was celebrating a peach blossom festival. Our friends were very surprised because they didn’t expect the festival. Last year, they traveled to the village at the same time and it was completely serene and empty. At one end of the village is a hill covered in peach trees. There was a line of people climbing up to the top in order to get a good view of the countryside, which is just literally covered in pink.

Peach Blossom Hill
The hill covered in peach blossoms. Those are graves in the foreground.

About half way up, we decided to stop and take some pictures among the trees. When some of the other Chinese saw us foreigners, we were surrounded by a large group. We spent the next 15 minutes posing for photos with nearly everyone. Old men, young children, crying babies, teen girls, etc.

Ivan Heather & a Little One

Look what we got! No – just kidding! It is our friend’s chubby little baby.

As we walked down the crowded street of the village, all we heard was the Chinese equivalent of: “look! foreigners! look! foreigners!”

Back at the airport later in the week, I got some photos of the amazing blossoms there.

Airport Blossoms

Airport Blossoms 2


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