Vegetarians: Warning – Meat Ahead

For those of you who know the DH, you know that his favorite food is lamb. A few weeks ago, he invited a group of us to eat lamb with him. Little did we know we’d be served the whole animal! The strangest thing about the night, however, was attempting to use a fork and knife again after so many months with only chopsticks. Some of us gave up and went straight to the hands.


Here we are – a mix of Americans, British, and Chinese (and the Spaniard!)

Waiting for the lamb!


The lamb arrives! (Those are hot coals underneath to keep it warm.)




Almost done! Poor guy!


The main kitchen where the lambs are cooked. There are several workers who manually rotate the meat over the hot coals. The room was full of smoke and was very hot. Not the best working conditions!

While living in Spain I grew used to eating lamb. I have to admit it is not something that I ate a lot of growing up in America. I did eat it occasionally in Kuwait, where I found it to be quite delicious. However, I’ve never enjoyed lamb as much as I have in China. I don’t know why that is – maybe the style of cooking it, or the style of eating. Maybe it is the rock-bottom cheap prices for something that is pricey back in the West.

After eating a mostly vegetarian diet, it was a great break to indulge in this meat feast. Along with the lamb, we were served a few light dishes, such as raw cucumbers & onions with hoisin sauce, tofu, pickled vegetables and hot peppers. At the end of the meal, a soup made from all the lamb innards was brought out. While I didn’t try the organs, the soup was okay, although not something I would specifically order.

For all 9 of us, (with beer) the total came to about $70.


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  1. Tyler Says:

    Thats so Awesome! Try getting something like that in the States…

  2. Tolety Says:

    Yea Tyler! got to Churrascos but it might cost you a few hundred bucks. Same job still?

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