Cheap Airfare?

There are probably no more frequent travelers than expats. We are always coming or going from somewhere. For those expats (or travelers, I don’t want to exclude anyone here) who don’t have access to a fat corporate air ticket service or company airfare reimbursement, searching for cheap air fares is a time consuming necessity. Looks like there is some help out there for those of us frustrated by expedia and travelocity. Just who does get those amazing fares they advertise?

There are several websites now offering historical fare pricing data, so you can find out when the best time to fly from New York to Chicago is or if a ticket between Atlanta and Dallas is a good find or not.

This will all be discussed in an article in The New York Times on April 15th. I got a sneak peek at it today.
Here are some tidbits:

April 15, 2007 Practical Traveler | Online Fares

If It’s Good, Is It Too Good to Be True?
By Michelle Higgins


A growing number of Web sites are offering help. Last month, which predicts domestic ticket prices for air travelers, introduced Farecast Deals, a service that uses the site’s stock of historical airfare prices and sophisticated data-mining techniques to find bargains it says are “based on science, not marketing.” shows the lowest prices offered by month for the next 11 months between 77,000 North American and 200,000 international cities. lets airfare shoppers compare historical data for prices and itineraries in a couple of ways. aims for less fallible results as it scours the Internet for the best bargains out there, including low fares that airlines often reserve for bookings only through their own Web sites.

I’m happy to report I got an excellent deal on my flight between China and Houston. How? I can’t reveal all my secrets! Let’s just say I have a friend who knows the system.


4 Responses to “Cheap Airfare?”

  1. lettershometoyou Says:

    Thanks for the links to the flight sites. You’re right – we expats do fly a lot. Much of what you get depends on supply and demand, of course. A friend recently flew from LA to London return for about US$230 – an amazing deal – but she had to board at 6pm on New Year’s Eve.

  2. dan Says:

    I would also suggest a site called Trabber –

    Quite useful to find nice deals.

  3. Livette Says:

    Nice blog!

  4. global gal Says:

    Thanks for the comments all!

    lettershometoyou – enjoyed your blog! you had a link to a blog called gimcrack hospital which, as a former nurse, I found hysterical.

    trabber – thanks for the link, i will give it a try.

    livette – thank you! i admire your devotion to halle berry.

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