Another Fun Waste of Time

Supposed to be writing a paper or getting some real work done? In need of a mental break?

Another great way to waste time, brought to you by the Internet:

The Speech Accent Archive

This page contains an archive of different accents from the world over. Ever wondered what a New Zealander and a Chileno sound like when reading an English paragraph? Now is your chance to hear the difference between a speaker from Windsor, Canada and Beaumont, Texas.

I’m an accent chameleon myself, as I have mentioned before. Currently, I speak with a Canadian-tinged, Southern US-nuanced, ESL teacher’s accent.  All of that is immediately out the window if I spend more than 5 minutes with a strong British accent, however.

(An ESL teacher is recognizable for use of short phrases and monosyllabic words. They condense complex thoughts into simple ones and they may even mispronounce words or use completely made up words a la Chinglish, Spanglish, Engrish, etc.)


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