Saved By the Sun

On my desk I have a coffee cup, notebook, phone, assorted pens and books and my laptop. Right now everything is bathed in early afternoon sun, and although I must squint to see my screen, I feel very good.

The sun went away last week and didn’t come back until today. All weekend we suffered through clouds, fog and haze. The new-classic Chinese skyline: gray and dismal. The sun took my exuberance away with it and left with me Bad China Syndrome*. Thankfully, that bit of annoyance melted away with the sun’s rays today.

My new found cheeriness waned drastically when I opened a web browser to world news events, so I think I’ll have a news fast today.

Things are looking a bit brighter and I hope that will translate into something tangible like actual blog posts!

*Bad China Syndrome – when trivial daily frustrations or not-so-trivial cultural misunderstandings finally reach a breaking point and you can no longer say, “That’s different. Oh well.” because what you really want to say is, “What the hell?” or “WHY!??” and maybe “What am I doing here?” But eventually it will work itself out and you will be back to, “China is great! and cheap! and fascinating!” AKA Bad China Day.


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