Yay! It’s Friday!

As you can imagine, vacationing in a place like Tibet – a place of arid beauty, incredibly blue skies and something rare for Asia – a sense of being the only human on the planet – can lead “home” to feel, well, a bit underwhelming. Combine that with the fact you actually have to do work, and you end up with very few blog posts!

Yes, I am indeed suffering from blog-o-lazitis. How can I make “worked all day, bought an ironing board, went to sleep” interesting? I’m working on it, I promise.

At work, we are in the final days of our preparation crunch for an important meeting with the CAAC (FAA of China). If all goes well, in a few weeks our school should be certified. We’re all working hard to ensure everything gets done, and since I don’t have internet at home yet, I haven’t had time to blog at work.

So this weekend looks like a good time to get some thoughts on paper and refresh the blog!

Have a great weekend!


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