Rock Stacking

When I lived in Canada, I was introduced to a phenomenon common to the Canadian Inuits . One of their cultural practices is to stack rocks atop one another to create “Inukshuks” which are sort of like messages to others, usually giving information like travel directions or marking an important site. Little did I know that rock stacking is a much wider cultural habit.

In Tibet, stacks of rocks are commonly seen all over the place: at monasteries, roadsides, on monuments. The DH took a photo of one and I uploaded it to Flickr along with all the other Tibet photos.

A man called Bill Dan came along, found the photo and added it to his blog, The Rocker which is dedicated to the subject. A very talented rock stacker in his own right, he features photos of cairns (as rock stacks are called) from all across the world. I’ve noticed a ton of very beautiful photos of Tibet there.

You learn something new everyday. Check it out for some artistic inspiration. Who knows, sometime you may find yourself on a rocky hillside with nothing to do. Give rock stacking a try!

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