More Street Food – Our Neighborhood

As you know, I love the street food and our neighborhood is full of vendors selling cooked food and fruits, vegetables and all kinds of things. It really comes alive in the early evenings.

The other day, however, we ventured out for some lunch and found another incredible street food find.

Meat & Bread
The meat & potato sandwich man

He’s got a pot full of stewing meat, potatoes and gravy. He takes out a bit, chops it up, throws in some green pepper and serves it in a freshly made, toasted round bread. It is incredible.

Here are a few views of our street:

Linyi Hood 1

Linyi Hood 2

Vegetable Man

Water Pump

Top: Vegetable seller, Bottom: Me at one of the many
working water pumps along our street.

Finally, another street food find. On many side streets and corners you can find small tents set up with tables and chairs inside. Usually these impromptu restaurants serve noodles and easy dishes. This one by our house serves freshly made noodles in a soup and kebabs – small pieces of meat barbecued over hot coals.

Fresh Noodles & kebabs
Please ignore the horrible hat hair.

In case you haven’t noticed, in most of my recent pictures I am wearing a bright orange coat. No, I am not a sanitation worker or prisoner on work-duty. I am wearing the Kolumbia coat my thoughtful husband bought me for $15 in Shanghai. I love the orange, but with all the attention I get as a foreigner, I doubt a neon color was really what I needed! At least I am highly visible walking on the streets, a good thing with all the crazy traffic.


3 Responses to “More Street Food – Our Neighborhood”

  1. China Law Blog Says:

    $15 for a Columbia coat. Ummm.

  2. global gal Says:

    Notice edit above. Should have read “Kolumbia” coat. Ethical? No. Have you shamed me? Yes. I promise it is the only knock-off I own. I was really cold.
    It is an interesting issue, though, most of the expats I know have no qualms about picking up the knock-offs super cheap. Maybe it is because many of them make the local wage? Maybe because it’s difficult to even find the real thing? Maybe because of a When in Rome or It Doesn’t Hurt Anyone mentality? Maybe because the guv is currently paying lip service only on the issue of counterfeiting? I don’t know a lot about this, but it does seem that it is gonna have to change.
    And just so there is no hypocrisy here – I will admit to also purchasing a few pirated DVDs during my stay in China and when I was a teen in Kuwait, I bought a ton of pirated cassette tapes. I do prefer supporting artists, purchasing unique handmade goods rather than the cheap, shoddy counterfeits, but I am not perfect, and humans are weak sometimes.

  3. Liz Says:

    Can you buy any of the counterfeit pocketbooks, clothing, etc. in Linyi? Are there any markets for shopping/bargaining? Please advise where in Linyi. Are there any great restaurants there. WIll be visiting there in a few weeks. Thanks. You can answer me directly to the email address above

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