Linyi Amusement Park Part II

The Zoo

Part of Linyi’s amusement park is actually a small zoo. Two of our friends had been there and said that it wasn’t very good, but we wanted to spend some time walking around, so we decided to go in.

Let me just preface this by saying that I love China and I find so many things about this country fascinating. I do not, however, think that I will ever again be visiting a “zoo” in China again.

Perhaps because it is winter, or perhaps because Linyi is a small city, but the zoo was rather pathetic. And disturbing, but I’ll get to that in a moment.

It started off normal enough, with a row of enclosures containing deer, ostriches, camels, turkeys, goats and a 5 legged cow.



You’ve gotta be really careful with the ostriches though…

The ostrich is violent, please far away from the rail,
please don’t throw the food and make fun of ostriches.

Obviously, we tempted fate and made fun of the ostriches. We didn’t get too much reaction.



Unfortunately, the five legged cow was not interested in getting a photo taken, but I assure you, he did have 4 normal legs and a fifth hoof-like growth hanging next to his front leg. Bizarre.

From this point on the zoo gets worse. Lions caged in tiny little spaces. Two scared little monkeys. A couple of amorous yaks. Way too many barnyard chickens. (What kind of zoo displays plain old chickens as an exhibit?) And the worst of all – a small performing bear that may or may not have been trying to eat a puppy. (We think they were playing but we’re not sure.)

One thing is for sure – there is no PETA in China.


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