Former Student Reunion

Today we had a lovely surprise visit from one of our former students. The DH had 4 students at Panam Aviation Academy and we really liked them all. They were hard working and eager to become pilots. Perhaps our only regret on leaving Panam was that the DH would not be able to complete their training with them. (Now they have been at Panam for almost two years and they are still not finished.)

Gavin and Ivan

One of the students, Gavin, is from Qingdao, and today he travelled 4 hours by bus to see us. (He is home for the Chinese New Year holiday.) We had lunch together and caught up on all the gossip and goings-on. He presented us a bottle of some kind of liquor possibly made from, as far as we can tell, either cow, camel or yak milk. Everything on the box is in Chinese, except for the name of the producer, Inner Mongolia Yuanchao Dairy Company. (Our students are now studying in a city in Inner Mongolia.) Should be very interesting to taste!

Inner Mongolia Liquor BoxInner Mongolia Liquor Bottle


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