The Airport Gentleman

Very busy day, so no time for a long post.

I thought I’d introduce you to my favorite gentlemen at the airport where I work:

Airport Man

I do not know this fine man’s name, but he is a common sight around the airport grounds. He travels around on a rusty old tricycle-wagon, collecting various articles of rubbish (at least to our eyes) and carts them off for recycling or other use. Sometimes he mops the floors of our building. At least once he saved the day for me and became my hero – One morning I came to work only to find my office door would not open. A stack of books had fallen over and become wedged behind the door. This jolly man was able to pry the door open wide enough to wiggle his way through and remove the books. He did it all for a smile.

When we mimed asking permission to take his picture, he puffed up proudly and posed.


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  1. superkimbo Says:

    Oh, I can tell I would like him too! What a happy man! And so helpful!

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