Buddhist Temple

Buddhist Temple in Linyi, China

Linyi Temple Entry
Entryway to the temple complex

The temple is surrounded by a large, well-groomed park with stream, ponds, pavilions and rock sculptures. On our visit, we encountered a young couple posing for their wedding photos.

Linyi Buddhist Temple 2
The main temple buildings

Linyi Temple Gate
DH at the temple gate

Linyi Buddhist Temple
Main hall – there was a monk inside drumming

The buildings are done in the imperial style similiar to the Forbidden City in Beijing and other historical monuments. According to a small plaque, the buildings were redone in the 1950s. I have no idea how they faired during the Chinese Cultural Revolution. Monks currently use the buildings and live in simple housing at the back of the park. Two surprises – one of the complex buildings, located near the street, houses a very expensive, fine Jade jewelry collection – nothing less than 500 dollars! In addition to a Buddhist temple, we also spotted a large Christian church across the street from the complex.

Heather with lanterns
I can never resist a photo-op with the ubiquitous red lanterns!


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